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Integration, Innovation, Investment

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Milan, 16 December 2016

Impact Hub Milano, via Aosta 4


CITIES FOR ALL is a one-day event convening civil society, EU and local government officials, media makers, journalists, philanthropists, activists, entrepreneurs, investors, enterprises, and refugees and migrants.

The day’s focus: The global refugee and migration crisis presents numerous challenges for cities that are trying to support an influx of residents. It also presents opportunities for innovation and investment, that can have a lasting positive impact on both local populations and new residents.

This event will also launch a series of calls to action for concrete impact, and is the first of a series of convenings aimed at solutions.

This event is hosted by CILD and Humans on the Move in partnership with Impact Hub Milan and in collaboration with the City of Milan.


9.30 Opening remarks – CILD, Humans on the Move, & City of Milan

9.40 Keynote speech – Emma Bonino, Special Advisor to the City of Milan

10.00  Panel 1: INTEGRATION

  • Manuela Brienza – Assessorato alle Politiche Sociali, Comune di Milano
  • Jihad Asad – Refugee Company
  • Nadina Christopolou – Melissa Network
  • Csilla Toth – Open Society Foundations

10.45 Coffee Break

11.00 Keynote speech: Omid Habibi, Shared studios

11.15 Panel 2: INNOVATION in Cities

  • Prof. Kiran Trehan – Enterprise and Diversity Alliance, University of Birmingham
  • Fleur Bakker – Refugee Company
  • Mark Latonero – Data & Society
  • Omid Habibi – Shared Studios

12.00 Don Virginio Colmegna – Casa della Carità

12.15 Panel 3: INVESTMENT in Cities

  • Jeremy Gorelick – PwC
  • Prof. Monder Ram – Centre for Research and Minority Entrepreneurship, University of Birmingham
  • Emiliano Giovine – R&P Legal

13.00 Lunch

14.00 Breakout into facilitated roundtables for interactive conversation around Integration, Innovation and Investment

15.30 Plenary: Action points and planning for follow-ups and next steps

  • Andrea Menapace – CILD
  • Christine Mendonça – Humans on the Move
  • Alessandro Messina – Banca Etica

16.00 Closing remarks